Sarata Chandra Panigrahi (1922-2004) was a great Philanthropist, over 60+ years of rich presence in Public Life; with rich in-depth Knowledge of Vedas, Vedanta and Upanishads; basically from Indian Army, Military Engineering Services (MES), who in the later part of his life transformed as a Gandhian Socialist and got engaged in historic Land Reform Movement Of Odisha, Being inspired by Shri Vinoba Bhabe Ji’s National “Bhudan Jagya” Movement, Where he was alone instrumental to distribute Jagir Land about to 2 Lakhs landless Harijans and Adivashis of Backward Gadjat Districts of Western Odisha. He built and restored many Premier Educational Institutions at Balangir, Such as Bidya Bhusan Sanskrit College, Aayurved College, Women’s College, Science Block Of Rajendra College, Town Girl’s High School, Town High School etc. He has restored historic 200+ year Old Koshal Kala Mandal, a Premier Cultural Institution of the Western Odisha and Formerly Patna State, fighting a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) at Odisha High Court, with his personal expenses for more than 14 years to make it free from Land Mafias. He was President Of the First Environment Movement Of Odisha - “Gandhamardan Bachao”; where a Most Precious Forest and Natural Resources Could be Conserved for Ever, from Indiscriminate Mining and Ecosystem Exploitation. Moreover, late Panigrahi had restored a historic temple and rebuilt it at Radharani Para of Balangir, town, known as “Sanatan Mandir”; later his son, now Dr Srikanta K. Panigrahi, who is greatly inspired and proud to inheritate the wisdom from his beloved father, manages the responsibility of this temple, at his, as the Managing Trustee Of “Sanatan Mandir Trust Board”; in addition to “Sarata Chandra Panigrahi Foundation”, which he founded in the fond memory of his father, to respect and honour of his intense desire of his continuing dedicated Public Service, in the interest of the weaker section of People, Society and the Planet.

Few historic moments of Sarata Chandra's rich Public Life

Foundation recently organised a Football Tournament and Tree Plantation Program, for encouraging the Local Youths

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